Edmonton Notes for October 25, 2020

Here are my latest Edmonton notes!

Taproot Edmonton Presents: Igniting Innovation

Our new podcast, Taproot Edmonton Presents, launched this week with Igniting Innovation, a six-part series exploring how startups and investors are coming together in Edmonton’s tech innovation sector. Here’s the trailer.

The first episode features Zack Storms, founder and chief organizer of Startup TNT, and his wife, Keren Tang, an angel investor with the Startup TNT Investment Summit. They share stories about building and fostering relationships with entrepreneurs and investors in Edmonton’s tech innovation sector, plus discuss diversity and the challenges the community is facing.

We’re releasing new episode every week through to the Investment Summit on Nov. 19. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!

Ice district Edmonton Alberta October 2020
Construction continues at Ice District, photo by Jason Woodhead

Lined up for Little Brick

Sharon and I went to Little Brick this afternoon for coffee and a cookie and to check out their winterized patio. We found a long line but decided to wait. It took 45 minutes from arrival to having our coffee in hand.

While Little Brick is a great example of a winter patio, with shelter from the wind, heaters, and fireplaces, few are going to wait that long when it’s colder. A lineup isn’t something I had considered when talking about winter patios on Speaking Municipally recently.

It’s a great sign that so many people are wanting to support local businesses though, and I hope that demand continues (and can be met) throughout the winter.

Other recent headlines

For more recent headlines, check out the latest from Taproot Edmonton.

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