Virtual PC 2004

I talked before about how I was now triple booting my machine. Well today I came across Microsoft’s Virtual PC 2004, and I must say it is quite amazing. I used the software when it was still called Connectix at TechEd Europe this past summer, but I didnt really get a chance to mess with it. Now I can play at will 🙂

I can easily see how this software would be useful for any kind of company providing technical support or training on various platforms. Already I see value for me as I can not only test software on the different versions of Windows, but I can also recreate customer environments to try and solve a problem. Very neat!

Triple Booting!

A couple of days ago I successfully installed Windows Longhorn 4051, also known as the PDC build. I previously dual booted Windows XP Professional and Mandrake Linux 9.2, but with Novell purchasing both Ximian and SuSE, I decided to switch to SuSE 9. So today I got it installed with GRUB as my bootloader. I now triple boot SuSE Linux 9, Windows Longhorn, and Windows XP Professional. If you are looking to do the same thing, here are the steps:

1) Install Windows XP

2) Install Windows Longhorn

3) Edit the boot.ini to include both Windows XP and Longhorn (longhorn overwrites it during install)

4) Install Linux

This order of doing things will allow the bootloader you choose during Linux install to detect both of your Windows operating systems and make entries for them.

So far SuSE 9 works very smoothly, no major problems. I much prefer the look of Mandrake “out of the box” but after installing the recently released Ximian Desktop 2 for SuSE 9, things are perfectly fine again! Now all I have to do is wait for MonoDevelop…

RSS Bandit!

Previously I had been waiting until major releases of RSS Bandit were announced before upgrading. My installation went awry recently however, so I ended up uninstalling, downloading a nightly build version, and reinstalling. Boy was I glad I did!

Some of the coolest features about this feed aggregator are the ability to skin feed items, change the view to the Outlook 2003 reading style, and flag items for review, forward, etc. A feature not yet implemented in a build but one that I am eagerly awaiting is the Search Folders functionality found in Outlook 2003.

So if you are looking for an excellent aggregator with a bright future ahead of it, check out RSS Bandit!

New Server!

Well it’s been a while since my last post! First of all, happy holidays and happy new year to everyone! Inuvik was cold and same old Inuvik (for the most part) but it was nice to see my family again.

My website is now running off a new server, which is much faster and more reliable than the old one. I will probably be adding even more RAM to it in the next few days. Lots of programming work to do in the next week or so, too bad school starts again Monday!

Back Home Up North!

I think you always have two homes in life – the place where you sleep most of the time, and the place where your parents live (usually where you grew up). So thats why I am back home in Inuvik, NT, because my parents live here. The weather is quite a bit colder than Edmonton, almost 30 degrees colder yesterday, and only about 20 colder today. I will be here for ten days, but it should be good, a nice break from the city!

One for the history books!

Well at long last, American troops captured Saddam Hussein. I am sure you have already read about this, but I figured I would blog it for history purposes!

In other news, exams are killing me but almost over – two more tomorrow and then I am done. Upcoming for this week is Lord of the Rings 3, and my collection of MSN 6 pictures!

Imagine Cup 2004 Team Site

Tonight I setup the site for our Imagine Cup 2004 team from the University of Alberta. Our team members are myself and Dickson Wong again, plus two new additions – Ashish Patel and Greg Hartley! We are in the “ideas phase” still working out just what it is exactly we want to do. So if you have any, send them my way!

Dickson and I won last year’s Canadian competition and went to Barcelona, Spain for the Imagine Cup. It was awesome! You can read about it at our new 2004 team site (there are links) at