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Notes for 7/4/2010

Happy Independence Day to everyone south of the border! Here are my weekly notes: The last week feels like it was three. Sharon and I were busy moving out of my old apartment and into the new condo. I’ll be writing more about that later this week. Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 3 was released… Reads more »

Notes for 6/20/2010

Happy Father’s Day! Here are my weekly notes: The end of best friends? Only if adults continue to intervene. Why can’t we just let kids be kids? Apparently some Chinese companies hire white men to pose as fake businessmen. It’s all about appearances. Twitter reports it currently sees 750 tweets per second on an average… Reads more »

Notes for 6/13/2010

Such a nice weekend here in Edmonton! Here are my weekly notes: Who knew LOLcats would become such a big business? Here’s a NYTimes profile on I Can Has Cheezburger. Really interesting photo gallery showing how the Library of Congress is digitizing the past and present. I’ve noticed this lately: The Tech Press Turns on… Reads more »

Notes for 5/30/2010

Here are my weekly notes: Pretty nasty weather in Edmonton recently. Ah well, everything is about to get very green! On Friday evening Sharon and I joined a few other local bloggers for the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra’s A Night in Paris. We chose to sit in the choir loft with Jeff and Brittney (photo of… Reads more »

Notes for 5/24/2010

Hope you had a nice long weekend! Here are my weekly notes: Did you play Pac-Man on Google on Friday? Software-usage-tracking-tool RescueTime crunched the numbers and guesstimates that the first-ever interactive “doodle” consumed 4,819,352 hours of time. This is a pretty interesting design idea: using LED lights to create fake sunlight reflections on interior walls…. Reads more »

Notes for 5/9/2010

Happy Mother’s Day! Here are my weekly notes: You know the baby on the cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind album? He worked on the iconic Obama HOPE posters. The iPad will be available in Canada on May 28. Prices start at $549. Located in Northern Alberta, just inside Wood Buffalo National Park, the largest beaver dam… Reads more »

Notes for 5/2/2010

Here are my weekly notes: Sharon and I went to see the final performance of The Drowning Girls today (they called it their “Wayne Gretzky” performance as it is the 99th time they’ve done it). I’m amazed they did the whole thing soaking wet. It was a great show! Really interesting perspective from investor Ben… Reads more »

Notes for 4/25/2010

Here are my weekly notes: This weekend marked the 20th anniversary of the launching of the Hubble Telescope. It’s pretty amazing when you think about all we’ve learned from it. Love Lady Gaga? Here are 50 covers, choreographies, and parodies on YouTube. David Carr wrote a great overview of how Gizmodo monetized the iPhone spectacle…. Reads more »

Notes for 4/18/2010

Here are my weekly notes: Among other things, Twitter announced this week that the entire archive of public tweets will be available at the Library of Congress. The launch of is very exciting! You can read more about it here. Does music have soul? Even music generated by artificial intelligence? What’s emitting the most… Reads more »