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YouTube Popularity

Interesting piece up at about YouTube and the phenomenal success it has been having, at least in terms of traffic. No one is quite sure how they are going to make money, or if they have staying power, but they certainly do not have a lack of users: According to numbers provided by traffic-tracking… Reads more »

YouTube to be acquired?

According to Michael Arrington, the popular video sharing site YouTube has signed an agreement to be acquired. An update on the post mentions that the rumor is highly speculative, but interesting nonetheless: Whoever the buyer may be, it’s not News Corp. They have confirmed directly to me it has not acquired YouTube. YouTube raised $3.5… Reads more »

Mark Cuban on Network TV

The recent product announcements by Apple are already having an impact. Mark Cuban thinks that Bob Iger, President and CEO of Disney, has saved Network TV by allowing the sale of TV shows on iTunes for the new video iPod, and I’m inclined to agree: The future of network television got immediately brighter yesterday. All… Reads more »

Podcasting to benefit from MP3 player growth

I came across an article on CNET today which cites an IDC report and proclaims that shipments of MP3 players are expected to hit 124 million units in 2009. That’s an incredible 370 percent increase from the 26.4 million units that were shipped worldwide last year. Podcasting is surely going to benefit from the… Reads more »

Skype 1.4 Released! Video coming soon?

Skype launched the latest version of their Windows software yesterday, bringing the popular VoIP tool to version I installed it on both of my machines this afternoon, and it appears to be running quite well. Here are some of the more noticeable new features: You can forward calls on to mobiles, landlines and other… Reads more »