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Clever Marketing: Diamond Shreddies

On my way to the Stadium LRT parking lot I always pass a billboard…no surprise there, billboards are everywhere. Usually I just ignore it, because most billboard ads just don’t catch my eye after the first time I see them…again, no surprise. For the last few weeks though, I have laughed every single time I’ve… Reads more »

Breakfast at Starbucks

When I go to Starbucks I order coffee and nothing else. I avoid the pastries because, well, they suck. Even the rice krispie squares, which are one of my favorite treats, just aren’t very good at Starbucks. I’d definitely be willing to try one of their new breakfast sandwiches though (via Starbucks Gossip): In the… Reads more »

Inventor of instant noodles has died

Some sad news today for anyone who has survived on instant noodles. Momofuku Ando, the man who invented the world’s first instant noodles, has died of a heart attack at age 96: Born in Taiwan, Ando founded his company in 1948 from a humble family operation. Faced with food shortages in post-World War II Japan,… Reads more »

Starbucks: 87,000 Drink Combinations

And you thought deciding between a Grande and a Venti was hard! In the December 18th issue of Time there is a really great article about Starbucks and the challenges it faces as it grows. Currently there are around 12,440 locations worldwide and the goal is to expand to 40,000 – more than even McDonald’s…. Reads more »