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Last day in NY

I’m in Yellowknife now, where it is currently minus 22. A little colder than New York, or even Edmonton for that matter! Yesterday was our last day in the big city, though we really only had half a day. After packing we stopped at Starbucks on our way to Bar Americain, the Bobby Flay restaurant… Reads more »

NY Day 5

Don’t have much time this morning, so I’m going to try to keep this short and sweet. We’re leaving soon for Bobby Flay’s restaurant Bar Americain. After that, off to the airport 🙁 Yesterday we went to Clinton Street Bakery for breakfast. Took us a while to get there, but it was definitely worth it…. Reads more »

NY Day 4

More photos uploaded from today, 41 to be exact! There would have been more but some of them turned out kinda blurry. I guess we miss the image stabilizer from my camera. Our day kinda started and ended with interesting Subway stories. We walked to Grand Central this morning, stopping at McDonald’s on the way… Reads more »

NY Day 3

First, some sad news. My camera took a bit of a tumble at the Gershwin Theatre and isn’t working correctly anymore 🙁 Something with the lens. Kinda sucks. Only uploaded 36 pictures today, but we still did quite a bit! We got a late start this morning, mostly because we didn’t get to sleep early… Reads more »

NY Day 2

I don’t think we did as much today as we did yesterday, but for some reason we’re both far more tired. I think all the walking is catching up to us! Not as many photos today…just added 47 to the set. We decided to do the Top of the Rock in the morning, and that… Reads more »

NY Day 1

I suck at coming up with titles for these kinds of posts, so I figure I’ll just go the boring route and number them (unless something really sticks out). I just uploaded 115 photos to my New York set on Flickr. I am kind of amazed at how much we accomplished today! I’m also ticked… Reads more »

Ah New York :)

We arrived in NY tonight with no problems – not even a delay! Even though it was more expensive, we opted for the taxi in from the airport over the shuttle or public transit. I think it was worth it. We’re both feeling a little claustrophobic, but not because of the hotel room (it’s bigger… Reads more »

How gay is Edmonton?

Apparently the city I live in is gay enough to make it into Out Traveler magazine’s top five gay-friendly tourist destinations in Canada. Vancouver, Montreal, Winnipeg, and Toronto are the other cities. Here’s what they say about Edmonton: Its hard not to take a shine to Edmonton, the laid-back capital of oil-rich Alberta. A refreshing… Reads more »