Notes for 8/23/2010

Here are my weekly notes:

Had a great time tonight at the birthday party for the edmontonian and The Unknown Studio! If you’re not already a regular reader/listener, you should be!

Happy Birthday to the edmontonian and The Unknown Studio

Happy Birthday to the edmontonian and The Unknown Studio
@bingofuel and @journalistjeff blowing out the candles on a lovely cake made by @frostedbetty!

Notes for 8/16/2010

Here are my weekly notes:

Fringe 2010

Buskers are all over the grounds. Would be better if they weren’t right in the middle of thoroughfares though.

Fringe 2010
Clean and organized! And green!

Fringe 2010
The main busker stage.

Notes for 8/9/2010

I was pretty exhausted last night, so here are my weekly notes a little later than normal:

Yesterday was Slow Food Edmonton’s annual Wild Boar and Beer BBQ, organized this year by Maria and Sharon. The weather was great, and the event went off without a hitch! Yum! You can see all my photos here.

Wild Boar & Beer BBQ 2010

Wild Boar & Beer BBQ 2010

Wild Boar & Beer BBQ 2010

Notes for 8/2/2010

Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend! Here are my weekly notes:

Sharon and I were “celebrity” judges at the Heritage Festival this weekend, along with former City Councillor Michael Phair and CTV’s News Director Glenn Kubish. It was lots of fun, especially getting to drive around in a golf cart! You can see all of our photos here.

Heritage Festival 2010

Heritage Festival 2010

Notes for 7/25/2010

Without really intending to, it seems I took a week-long break from blogging! Should be back to normal now. Here are my weekly notes:

Sharon and I spent the weekend in Calgary, basically just to eat and shop (Charcut and Crate & Barrel, among others). As always, it was a nice change of scenery. The festival we checked out today, Kensington’s Sun & Salsa Festival, was great. There were so many people there! And there was plenty of sunshine too. You can see the rest of the pictures from our trip here.

Kensington Sun & Salsa Festival



Notes for 7/19/2010

After a small accident yesterday I spent four hours in the emergency room, finally getting home just after midnight with fourteen stitches in my hand. Not surprisingly, that meant I didn’t post my weekly notes. Here they are:

My parents are in town this week. Looking forward to seeing them!

Notes for 7/11/2010

Here are my weekly notes:

Mayfair Demolition

Notes for 7/4/2010

Happy Independence Day to everyone south of the border! Here are my weekly notes:

Notes for 6/20/2010

Happy Father’s Day! Here are my weekly notes:

It was a busy weekend for Sharon and I! Last night we were at Slow Food Edmonton’s Summer Solstice Dinner, where everything was cooked inside a backyard-wood-burning-oven (which got as hot as 900 degrees Fahrenheit):

Summer Solstice Dinner

This afternoon we went to Councillor Don Iveson’s campaign launch party:

Don Iveson's Campaign Launch

We spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening at Rundle Park:

Rundle Park

Notes for 6/13/2010

Such a nice weekend here in Edmonton! Here are my weekly notes: