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Notes for 11/15/2009

Here are my weekly notes: Another really busy week ahead! I’m speaking at Tech Days on Wednesday. Also attending LTEL, DemoCamp, and an open data event coming up on Saturday! Amazon announced a bunch of really interesting AWS-related things lately, including datacenters in Asia and a new SDK for .NET developers. Another great post from… Reads more »

Notes for 11/8/2009

Here are my weekly notes: We had our first AfterCamp event on Saturday for ChangeCampEdmonton. Thanks to everyone who came out! I’ve been doing lots of stuff with ASP.NET MVC lately, and I love it. Most of my ASP.NET work in the last few years has been MVC-style inside WebForms anyway, so the switch has… Reads more »

Notes for 11/1/2009

Here are my weekly notes: Sharon and I took her parents to see Michael Jackson’s This Is It last night. It was entertaining and I enjoyed it, but don’t expect anything beyond rehearsal footage. On Friday we saw The Bone House. Aside from the drunk woman in the audience who kept talking, I liked it…. Reads more »

Notes for 10/18/2009

Here are my weekly notes: I had a great time this weekend at both ChangeCamp and Timeraiser! I’ll be writing about more about both this week. In the meantime, be sure to read Chris’ post on #yegchange. On Friday evening, Sharon and I checked out Creations, a new restaurant in the Sawridge Inn. Another fantastic… Reads more »

Notes for 10/11/2009

Here are my weekly notes: Happy Thanksgiving! Sharon and I had a great dinner tonight at my sister’s place – thanks Kim! From Dave – Save the Date: Alberta Politics in Fall 2009. This is really awesome, but I too question its longevity: Social Engineering and Taking the Stairs. As you may have seen/heard recently,… Reads more »

Notes for 9/27/2009

Here are my weekly notes: Sharon and I went to see the new Southgate expansion today, finally. It’s pretty nice, and reminded us of Calgary. The new LRT station is looking good also. The topic for Blog Action Day 2009 has been announced! Write about climate change on October 15! I use Opera Mini all… Reads more »