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Notes for 9/20/2009

Here are my weekly notes: Intuit bought this week for $170 million. I’ve read a lot of backlash to the deal though, such as this post. Another day, another front-page headline for The Katz Group regarding the proposed arena. It’s amazing how The Journal continues to pump out stories despite having zero new information…. Reads more »

Notes for 9/13/2009

Here are my weekly notes: I went to see Marilyn Manson on Friday night with my brother and a couple of his friends. While I’m definitely not the world’s biggest Manson fan, I do enjoy much of his music and I thought the concert was great! From Jeff Jarvis: News organizations should seek hyperdistribution. That… Reads more »

Notes for 9/7/2009

Hope everyone had a great long weekend! Here are my weekly notes: Sharon and I went to check out Symphony Under the Sky on Saturday! It was fantastic. My photoset is here. Awesome post from xkcd: Urinal protocol vulnerability. Nine surprisingly useful single serving sites. Lots more in the comments. Interesting article from Time: Jay… Reads more »

Notes for 8/23/2009

Here are my weekly notes: Another year of the Fringe has come and gone. It was fun though! Twitter is getting serious about location. I’m excited for the changes. Jeff Jarvis wrote about the news: “The live web, the social web, and the geo web come together.” I finally picked up a book this weekend… Reads more »

Notes for 8/16/2009

Here are my weekly notes: Sharon and I went to see The Time Traveler’s Wife tonight. It was alright, if a little confusing at times (and no I didn’t read the book). We both wondered why it wasn’t called simply, The Time Traveler. Perhaps his wife is featured more prominently in the book? We also… Reads more »

Notes for 8/9/2009

Here are my weekly notes: Sharon and I went to see Julie & Julia last night. Her pick obviously, but I enjoyed it. Meryl Streep was amazing as usual. Lately I’ve been doing a lot with statistics, as I’m sure my regular readers have noticed. I rather enjoy sorting through collections of data to find… Reads more »